Error Creating Cores in Solr 5.5

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There are multiple ways of creating cores in Solr. It is very straightforward and one of the ways is by calling Solr’s REST admin with action=create and also you can do it via bin\solr.cmd, however you could run into a small issue. Let me explain quickly this scenario that you might run into.

First of all, you can create using solr.cmd with the following command:

bin\solr.cmd create -c <nameofthecore>

And a fresh new core is created, which echos back the call made: http://localhost:8983/solr/admin/cores?action=CREATE&name=othercourses&instanceDir=othercourses

So then what if you are curious and decide to make the call directly yourself: (of course, changing core name)


Well, it does not work!

The hint there is that it can’t find some resources, namely solrconfig.xml.  To solve this issue, you only need to specify what are the base configurations that you want to use. So the call would be:


And presto, you get your core! Little detail, but worth knowing what was missing


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