Citrix: End-to-End Security with XenApp & XenDesktop

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End-to-End Security with XenApp and XenDesktop – A New White Paper (With a Puzzle)!

Great change happens when forces collide. In the world of cryptography, those forces are active today: new regulations, emerging threats, and technical innovation.

This is why Transport Layer Security (TLS – the successor to SSL) has been much in the news in the last year. If your organization is covered by PCI DSS, you will already be moving to TLS 1.2. Weaknesses have been found in SSL and in early versions of TLS. The new version of TLS, TLS 1.3, is on its way – and beyond that, post-quantum cryptography.

Here are the key points:

Replace SSL with TLS now. Although these protocols are similar, the security difference is crucial. If possible, use TLS 1.2.

Use TLS for internal communications too, but selectively. Sensitive data travels over your internal network. You need to encrypt this traffic too. But don’t encrypt everything – it is a waste of resources and makes intrusion detection more difficult.

Read the entire article here, End-to-End Security with XenApp & XenDesktop

via the fine folks at Citrix Systems, Inc.

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