Now Make Realtime Multiplayer Flash Games

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flash 128 Now Make Realtime Multiplayer Flash Games

We are excited to introduce our ActionScript 3 SDK for  AppWarp . This will allow developers to quickly build engaging real-time multiplayer  Flash games .

AppWarp provides a rich set of APIs for game developer to add communication to their games, all of which are now also available through our ActionScript3 SDK. Some cool features are

  • Virtual Rooms and Lobby
  • Persistent Room property management
  • Match making based on number of users and properties
  • Exchange private chat message between users
  • Out of the box chat APIs
  • Real-time exchange of binary information between players optimized for your game

Since AppWarp cloud supports connections across multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Mono and now AS3 – communication is truly cross-platform. This means users playing the Flash flavor of your game can interact in real-time even with users who are on other platforms.

Visit our ActionScript3 developer wiki to learn more and get started. Please share your feedback with us on