360Flex 2014 – Never stop improving

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I was having dinner with Alex Harui (Adobe, FlexJS) the other night (he was in town for ApacheCon) and we got to talking about how we could further make 360|Flex an awesome value to the Flex developer community. An idea struck.

It’s still in the “figuring out how to make it work” phase, but we’re planning to offer “lab time” with certain speakers. Have an issue? sign up for 15 minutes with one of our awesome speakers to have them help you. Nagging bug you haven’t been able to squash? Performance issue you can’t find the source of? Have a pro look over your code and help you out.

This is in addition to the Labs, sessions and general sessions we’re offering. If you’re working with Flex and/or ActionScript, you’re gonna kick yourself if you miss the only event this year dedicated to helping you improve your skills.Get your ticket now!

Whether you’re still using Adobe Flex, or have migrated your code to Apache Flex, you’ll learn new things, and sharpen your skills at 360|Flex


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