Apache Pig Editor in Hue 2.3

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In the previous installment of the demo series about Hue — the open source Web UI that makes Apache Hadoop easier to use — you learned how to analyze data with Hue using Apache Hive via Hue’s Beeswax and Catalog applications . In this installment, we’ll focus on using the new editor for Apache Pig in Hue 2.3 .

Complementing the editors for Hive and Cloudera Impala, the Pig editor provides a great starting point for exploration and real-time interaction with Hadoop. This new application lets you edit and run Pig scripts interactively in an editor tailored for a great user experience. Features include:

  • UDFs and parameters (with default value) support
  • Autocompletion of Pig keywords, aliases, and HDFS paths
  • Syntax highlighting
  • One-click script submission
  • Progress, result, and logs display
  • Interactive single-page application

Here’s a short video demoing its capabilities and ease of use:


How are you editing your Pig scripts now?

How are you documenting the semantics of your Pig scripts?

How do you search across your Pig scripts?