Hadoop – now that you’re 10, it’s time to put you to work

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It’s been 10 years since Hadoop 0.1.0 was released. Over the past decade, Hadoop has matured in capabilities and adoption and it has enabled the modernization of enterprise data architecture with more capable, flexible tools to help empower data-driven organizations and provide a foundation for large scale, distributed data storage and processing.

Often at major personal milestones – whether it is work, relationships, or other periods in life – we self-reflect and look back to the accomplishments, the misses, the inhibitors to reaching our goal, and then figure out what it takes to overcome the challenges. It’s through this reflection that helps us map out a plan to build the best outcome for our future.

Given it’s been 10 years since Hadoop was created, now seems to be as good of time as any for organizations, and the people impacted by this technology framework from programmers, architects, data analysts and business leaders to reflect on the business value achieved with Hadoop so far.

Accomplishments with Hadoop

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