CentOS 6.8 image with Qt5.7, Python 3.5, LLVM 3.8

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While trying to bring my setup to package KDevelop standalone for Linux into a shape where it has a nonzero probability of me picking it up again in half a year and actually understanding how to use it, I created a docker base image which I think might be useful to other people trying to package Linux software as well. It is based on CentOS 6.8 and includes Qt 5.7 (including QtWebKit), Python 3.5 and LLVM, all built against the old CentOS libs (and thus e.g. compatible with most glibc versions out there). If you want to use it, simply install docker, and

systemctl start docker
docker pull scummos/centos6.8-qt5.7
docker run -i -t scummos/centos6.8-qt5.7

Good luck with it!


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