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This will create compressed folder in the same directory containing the generated EXE. This compressed folder should contain any DLLs that the generated EXE is dependent on. When running the EXE outside of the MATLAB/Simulink environment these DLLs need to be on the system path or within the same directory as the EXE. This information came from the Answers forum

MATLAB tutorial

MATLAB math programming software package written by MathWorks. Quoting from their web page : "MATLAB is a high-level language and interactive environment for numericalcomputation, visualization, and programming."

Mathematica 10 Free Download - Get Into PC

To create a set of (x, y, z)coordinates uniformly and randomly distributed over the surface of a hollow sphere (a round shell), you can use code like this from Roger Stafford in his Answers Forum posting [9]

Walking Randomly » Simple nonlinear least squares curve

For doing real mathematical research some of these free software tools just don 8767 t cut it and will crash under certain conditions. The three big M 8767 s (Maple, Matlab, and Mathematica) can handle very large sets of data and can perform a variety of calculations that those other free software programs can 8767 t handle.

Enter expression, . (x^7-y^7)/(x-y) Sample ProblemSimplify

7) However, using globals is not recommended by many programmers because it shows that she/hedidn't think ahead but was rather sloppy. and just kept adding on those never-ending "important set up" parameters that she/he needed to use by all the axes - or whatever - ofa one single project.

The second method is if you want to process all the files whose name matches a pattern in a directory. You can use the DIR function to return a list of all file names matching the pattern, for example files or files, or all files named (where nnnn is some number). Note that while this example uses *.jpg as the pattern and IMREAD to read in the data, as with the previous example you could use whatever pattern and file reading function suits your application's needs:

MATLAB is a complete environment for high-level programming, as well as interactive data analysis. MATLAB excels at numerical computations, especially when dealing with vectors or matrices of data. Symbolic math isavailable through an add-on toolbox that uses a MuPAD kernel.

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hi im writing a program this it so far.

F=inputdlg( 8766 Please input the equation you wish to solve by the trisection method 8767 )

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