Top 10 Documents Linked as Solutions for Weblogic Server J2EE/Webservices and EJB May 2015 ...

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Top 10  documents Linked as solutions for Weblogic Server J2EE/Webservices and EJB  May - July 2015.

1118264.1 WLS 10.3: Intermittent XA error: XAResource.XAER_RMERR WebLogic server keeps track of the usage of XA resources.  If none of the outstanding requests to the resource was replied in the last maxXACallMillis ms, the resource is declared unhealthy.
1437762.1 WLS 2-way SSL webservice failed with SSLKeyException due BAD_CERTIFICATE Prior to WLS 10.3.3, Weblogic uses Certicom implementation by default for SSL handshake which has known issue in trusting certificates stronger than 128-bit.
2022372 1 . "IllegalStateException: HttpSession is invalid" Error Still Occurs With WLS 10.3.6 PSU 11   The cause of this problem  is due to another Bug : Bug 20062321 - INTERMITTENT 500 ERRORS RESULTING FROM: ILLEGALSTATEEXCEPTION: HTTPSESSION IS IN
1924805.1 When JSSE Is Enabled, The Web Service Call Fails In Wls 10.3.5 With "[ Read timed out at]" Error  There is a known issue in Weblogic server 10.3.5 where a webservice call fails when JSSE is enabled on weblogic 10.3.5.
1634217.1 When Invoking HttpServletRequest.getAttribute() "IllegalStateException: HttpSession is invalid" Error Occurs When Servlet API HttpServletRequest.getAttribute() method is invoked, WebLogic Server first checks whether the HttpSession object related to HttpServletRequest object has been invalidated. If the HttpSession object is not valid, then  'java.lang.IllegalStateException" exception is thrown with the  "HttpSession is invalid'  message
1596980.1 WARNING: Registering extension failed  This isssue has been tracked in Defect 17246737.  On WLS 12.1.1 Following messages were logged in stdout when web service(JAX-WS) client called every time.
1092218.1 WLS 10.3.x - Unable To Invoke Remote Web Service Due To Error: "Bad_certificate Fatal Error"  When trying to access a remote Webservice over HTTPS from a client deployed on WLS, the following error was thrown: "FATAL Alert:BAD_CERTIFICATE - A corrupt or unuseable certificate was received."
1909471.1 Pending XA Global Transactions After WebLogic Crash Causing ORA-02049  After a WebLogic Server crash, there are some pending XA transactions on the database side. Those transactions hold locks on several rows on one of the tables which causes updates on these rows to fail
1215249.1 Spring Framework Support in Oracle WebLogic Server Versions   Provide summary of  Spring Framework versions support in WebLogic Server.
1206912.1 WLS 10.3: Web Service Failed to Deploy After Restarting WebLogic Server with Error Message BEA-149231   Deployment of Webservice app works when deployed by the admin console, but once the server restarts the Webservice app-deployment fails
1941462.1 "secure" Setting In Web.xml Doesn't Affect Cookie's Attribute   The issue is specific to the cookie-config section in web.xml descriptor.  The cookie-config settings in web.xml are not honored when no cookie-config section exists in weblogic.xml.


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