Learn How to Develop a Game with Cocos2d-x

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Operating system differences are definitely one of the biggest disadvantages in app and game development. Certain OSes use different programming languages, so it’s really hard to have your apps available both on Android and iOS. Luckily, there are some software solutions that make development as seamless as possible.

One of them is Cocos2d, an open source software framework that can be used for game and app development. With this tool, you will be able to develop an application in a specific language and have it run on different platform–be it Android, iOS, or the Web. If you ever wanted to use Cocos2d and never knew how, XDA Forum Membersortriswrote a thorough guide showing the process of game development on Mac OS X. The provided guide shows how to create an Android and iOS game by using the C++ programming language.

The guide covers only the basics, so don’t expect your game to be as advanced as Angry Birds. It is, however, definitely a good place to get started with game development. After a few tries, you should be able to build your own game.

You can learn more about development using Cocos2d-x by visiting the Create game with Cocos2d-x & JavaScript thread . Head over there to find out more about this project.


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