5 New Detectify Features

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We have listened to your feedback and added several requested features to our service.

  • Ability to remove tags that have previously been added to specific findings.
  • Subdomains are now automatically included in the tests when you add a new domain.
  • New formats for exporting security reports have been added, enabling you to export your findings to JSON.
  • You can export only selected findings from the findings view in preferred format.
  • Additional improvements and a redesign of the Team card has been released. More features are still on the roadmap to keep improving the team function.

Modules added to our core service include:

Coverage of SSLv3, Microsoft OWA Internal-IP-Disclosure, multiple CKEditor vulnerabilities and multiple WordPress modules such as revolution-slider LFI, robo-gallery RCE, TimThumb RCE check for funki/themify WP theme, easy-social-share-buttons XSS,  mainwp-3.1.2 unauthenticated stored XSS, alo-easymail 2.4.7 XSS, faq-wd 1.0.14 XSS, adrotate-3.9.5 SQL injection, instalinker 1.1.1 XSS, multi-view-calendar XSS and of course many many more.

//The Detectify Team


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