Go Newsletter Issue #116

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Gophers, Please Tag Your Releases  opinion 

Go projects ‘don’t have versions, at least not in the way that our friends in other languages use that word.’ Dave wants to improve the situation by encouraging us all to tag our releases.

Dave Cheney

Data-Driven / Parameterized Tests in Go  tutorial 

Elliot got tired of writing boiler-plate code for his tests, and here he takes a look at Go 1.7’s ‘named tests’ and Gingko’s table driven tests.

Elliot Chance

The Complete Guide to net/http Timeouts  tutorial 

“When writing an HTTP server or client in Go, timeouts are amongst the easiest and most subtle things to get wrong..”

Filippo Valsorda

See inside your Redis database. New memory mapping from RedisGreen

RedisGreen builds a map of your Redis memory usage, tracking the size of keys over time, helping you track down problems and gain new insights.

RedisGreen   sponsored 

Custom Encoding: Go Implementation in net/rpc vs. grpc  story 

A look at the implementation details behind, and motivations for, dgraph’s switch from net/rpc to Google’s grpc .

Manish Rai Jain

GoDS: Go Data Structures  code 

A dizzying amount of data structures for Go developers including sets, lists, maps, trees, hashsets, arraylists, linked lists of various types, red/black trees, and more.

Emir Pasic

Analyzing Go Code with BigQuery  story 

Google’s BigQuery now has all of the public code on GitHub as a dataset you can query against, so Francesc dug into some interesting Go-related stats.

Francesc Campoy

Why Go’s Structs Are Superior to Class-Based Inheritance  tutorial 

“Go has two awesome features that make its model of polymorphism way more powerful than classical inheritance: interfaces and struct embedding.”

Ian Macalinao

Dynamic Image Resizing in Go by Seam Carving  code 

Seam carving allows for an image to be resized without simply cropping or scaling the original image.

Alex Parella


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