Open ComboBox from ViewModel in MVVM-scenario

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On the Microsoft MSDN-Forums there was a question how to open up a Combobox in an MVVM-scenario from the ViewModel.

To do this, you use the typical MVVM way: You define a bool-Property in the ViewModel to control the DropDown. Here I named it IsDropDownOpen:

public class MainViewModel : ViewModelBase
  private bool isDropDownOpen;
  public bool IsDropDownOpen
    get { return isDropDownOpen; }
      isDropDownOpen = value;

Note that I’m using a ViewModelBase-class in the snippet above. That ViewModelBase-class defines the OnPropertyChanged-method to raise the PropertyChanged-event:

public class ViewModelBase : INotifyPropertyChanged
  protected virtual void OnPropertyChanged([CallerMemberName]string propertyName = null)
    PropertyChanged?.Invoke(this, new PropertyChangedEventArgs(propertyName));
  public event PropertyChangedEventHandlerPropertyChanged;

Now let’s assign the MainViewModel to the MainWindow’s DataContext:

public partialclass MainWindow : Window
  public MainWindow()
    DataContext = new MainViewModel();

Now in XAML I can bind the ComboBox’ IsDropDownOpen-Property to the IsDropDownOpen-Property of the MainViewModel that is in the DataContext. In addition I bound a Checkbox to the IsDropDownOpen-Property of the MainViewModel to be able to change the value of that property:

  <CheckBoxIsChecked="{Binding IsDropDownOpen,Mode=TwoWay}"/>
  <ComboBoxIsDropDownOpen="{Binding IsDropDownOpen,Mode=TwoWay}">

That’s it. When I check the CheckBox, the Dropdown-List opens. Instead of changing the IsDropDownOpen-Property of the MainViewModel with a CheckBox, you could also set the IsDropDownOpen-Property in the MainViewModel when for example a Command is executed.


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