Getting started with ManageIQ and Hawkular

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Run Hawkular-services with some WildFly servers connected. While it is possible to only run Hawkular-services with the built-in agent enabled, you will get more interesting results if you point other instrumented WildFly servers at Hawkular.


If you are a Docker user, you can follow this route . This uses Docker-compose to stand up Cassandra 3.7, Hawkular-services and a connected WildFly10 server.

Classical route

NOTE You need to have Cassandra set up

The release notes for Hawkular-Services 0.0.5 have aGetting started section that describes how to locally set up Hawkular-services along with the needed Cassandra settings.

To start the hawkular server you should also pass option -Dhawkular.agent.enabled=true to enable the embedded agent.

Start Hawkular server

"${HAWKULAR_HOME}/bin/""${HAWKULAR_USERNAME}""${HAWKULAR_PASSWORD} -Dhawkular.agent.enabled=true"

The endpoint

Going forward we assume that Hawkular-services listens on http://localhost:8080 and has a user/password of jdoe/password defined.


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