a distilled engine for creating RPC Servers/Clients

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a distilled engine for creating RPC Servers/Clients

work in progress

  • Expose any kind of async api, including whole modules, remotely
  • Use any kind of transport layer that supports request/response semantics
  • Expose different versions of the same api using semver


expose core filesystem module using axon

npm init
npm i --save xn axon
const xn = require('xn')
const axon = require('axon')

// create the rpc server
let server = new xn.RpcServer()           

// create the axon sockets
let rep = axon.socket('rep')
let req = axon.socket('req')


rep.on('message', (message, reply) => {
    server.dispatch(message, reply) // integrate xn server with axon

// create the rpc client
let client = new xn.RpcClient({
    send: (message, cb) => {
        server.dispatch(message, (err, result) => {
            req.send(message, cb) // integrate xn client with axon

client.refresh((err) => {
    if (err) return done(err)

    client.rpc.fs.writeFile(filename, 'test', (err) => {
        console.log(err ? err : 'success' )

// it is possible to skip the refresh() stage and send an api call immediately:
client.sendApiMethodCall('fs', '*', 'writeFile', ['test', 'test']
                                        , (err) => { console.log(err ? err : 'success' )})

For further examples seethis test




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