2014 New Amazing Resource for Web Design, SEO and Web Development

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Web developers and designers need new things in web development. Web technology continues to evolve. Every day, a lot of new things, like a new javascript library, CSS framework, code snippets, new design, new illustrations. Sometimes, stuff like this will make your project a step further. And this is what should be sought by web developers and web designers. Creating new things on the web.

We love the web, we gather for the new resource in the development of the web, like graphics, icons , library, framework, animation, motions graphics and new technologies.

This post is suitable for web developers who want to develop and follow the latest web technologies.

This is nothing new in the web that we collect in the last 1 week.

Amazing Guide to Learn HTML and CSS

Is a simple guide and easy-to-use to learning HTML dan CSS. Instead of using books, the web is teaching you more effective. I guarantee. Go to Resource

No Link Building Anymore, But Still Getting Traffic from Google

Its a amazing tutorial and guide to still getting traffic from google without link building. Link building is draining, mind, and costs. Actually, no link building we can still get traffic from google search engine. Link building poses many risks, if you do not know the build links the right way, we can be sure your website will be destroyed. Go to Resource

Cloudy Spiral CSS Animation

Is an amazing CSS3 animation, perfect for loading style of web page. Go to resource


A context-shift transition. Full screen slide page. Go to resource

Avgrund – Magic UI Modal

UI window modal with beautiful animation. The background will be blur when the window modal appears. New and creative concepts. Go to Resource

100% Pure CSS3 Breadcrumb Navigation

Is a code snippet to create a breadcrumb navigation with CSS3 without javascript support. Simple, but effective. Go to resource

Multi Step Form with CSS dan Jquery

Is a combination of CSS and JQuery to create a multi step form. Sometimes we need a registration process that is multi-layered. Functions that lengthy application process becomes more simple. People get bored when filling out the form too much. Simple CSS and Jquery will be an advanced solution for you. Go to resource

Title Tag Guidelines and Preview Tool for 2014

Guide that suits you, the blogger. This tool will guide you to make a good article title, in accordance with instructions from google. Go to resource


Is a CSS framework to creating responsive design. Go to resource

If i missing something great, comment below.

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