Issue 76: The latest Web operations, scaling, and performance news

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Performing A/B Testing with NGINX

A thorough guide exploring how NGINX can help with A/B testing, by routing traffic based either on a hashing algorithm or client characteristics.


How AWS Powered Amazon’s Biggest Day Ever

Amazon accounted for 74% of all US consumer e-commerce on Prime Day 2016 — here’s how their infrastructure scaled up to match the traffic surge.


HTTPS is Hard: Moving a Major Site to HTTPS  video 

Steve Workman takes us through a 9-month journey of how moved to HTTPS.


Download free eBook: Why Containers and Docker are the Future

In this eBook we will have a look at the Traditional Stack, the Virtual Machine Stack and the Container Stack.

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Microservices: The Organizational and People Impact  video 

How does deploying microservices affect your dev and ops teams, team leads, and your organization as a whole? Daniel Bryant explains.

Daniel Bryant

How to Set Up Multiple Secure Sites using LXD Containers

A complete walkthrough of creating multiple secure (SSL/TLS, Qualys SSL Labs A+) sites within LXD containers using HAProxy and Let’s Encrypt.

Simos Xenitellis

Security-as-a-Service Startup StackPath Nabs $180M, Makes 4 Acquisitions

Big industry news. StackPath believes it has the key (and size) to fighting malicious hackers once and for all. It has acquired MaxCDN, Fireblade, Cloak and Staminus to see out its goals.

Ingrid Lunden

Load Balancing WebSocket Connections

A look at the problems and solutions around scaling up the management of WebSocket connections.

Wolfram Hempel


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