OnionRunner, ElasticSearch & Maltego

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From the post:

Last week Justin Seitz over at automatingosint.com released OnionRunner which is basically a python wrapper (because Python is awesome) for the OnionScan tool ( https://github.com/s-rah/onionscan ).

At the bottom of Justin’s blog post he wrote this:

For bonus points you can also push those JSON files into Elasticsearch (or modify onionrunner.py to do so on the fly) and analyze the results using Kibana!

Always being up for a challenge I’ve done just that. The onionrunner.py script outputs each scan result as a json file, you have two options for loading this into ElasticSearch. You can either load your results after you’ve run a scan or you can load them into ElasticSearch as a scan runs. Now this might sound scary but it’s not, lets tackle each option separately.

A great enhancement to Justin’s original OnionRunner!

You will need a version of Maltego to perform the visualization as described. Not a bad idea to become familiar with Maltego in general.

Data is just data, until it is analyzed.


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