Using VS Code for JavaScript

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I'm an old school TextMate user, who has also been using Xcode for the last decade. These two sit at a very opposite ends of an "editor" spectrum.

TextMate is extremely bare bones at the core, but introduced the idea of bundles as plugins. Making it really easy for others to build their own plugins for their own contexts. Xcode on the other-hand includes a 3D scene editor, the best interface builder I've seen, super rich debugging tools and close to zero support for improving it yourself.

As we agreed on moving to React Native, we needed to decide what the team should use for working in that environment . After experimentation with many editors, we decided on Microsoft's Visual Studio Code .

We wanted to keep a lot of the best features from Xcode, while working in a completely JavaScript environment. For example: debuggers, inline errors, auto-complete, symbol mapping and to ideally have them all inside a single editor.

Let's dig into the principals of how Visual Studio Code works, what makes it a better option for us, and what parts of it really shine.

What is Visual Studio Code?

Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is yet another , JavaScript-based text editor. It's built atop of GitHub's Electron . Electron is a framework for writing native apps as easy as building websites. It started as a web component for some Microsoft web-service, and eventually evolved into a fully-fledged text editor.

IDE - Editor hybrid

Visual Studio Code (VS Code) believes that the sweet-spot between and IDE and a plain Text Editor, is somewhere a little bit closer to the IDE side.


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