MaxCDN Joins StackPath

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July 24, 2016 | Chris Ueland

To our customers and friends:

We started MaxCDN with the vision of creating an automated content delivery platform that customers would love. We’ve come a long way in the past several years, growing to 15,000 customers and powering millions of websites with our open source initiatives. We did this all with very little funding. It’s the feedback from our great customers and a lot of hard work from our passionate team that has made us successful.

About two years ago I wrote down a goal on a piece of paper: To find the right “path” (that’s really the word I used) to take our team and our products to the next level to make the biggest possible impact on the Internet.

Out of the blue one day we got a call from Lance Crosby and his team who told us about their vision for StackPath. I have known Lance and admired how he runs his businesses, builds products and networks. I particularly like his customer philosophies.

When the StackPath team came to our office in Los Angeles, we realized there was a ton of overlap and chemistry between our teams. We talked about what the perfect network would look like and all the amazing things that could be done with analytics. We talked about security, the challenges faced by customers who build web services, and what the future platform might look like.

Today we’re pleased to officially announce that we’ve joined forces with StackPath to create the best secure content delivery platform in the world. Joining StackPath is a perfect fit for my initial goal and obvious to me that it’s the next step in MaxCDN’s evolution.

We have an awesome expansion plan. Over the next several months we’re deploying and upgrading 25 PoPs globally with a ton of new bare metal. Each PoP will have DDoS mitigation and WAF capability built in, as well as huge increases in capacity.

On behalf of the founding team – David, Samir, Kevin and Carme – we’re all very excited for the future and can’t wait to build the next generation security platform.

– Chris and the MaxCDN Team


Our team has put together some answers for questions we’re anticipating. If you have a question that’s not answered here, go ahead and leave a comment below. Either I or someone on our team will provide an answer as soon as possible.

What is StackPath?

StackPath is an intelligent web services platform designed to secure, accelerate, and scale Internet businesses.

What services will StackPath provide?

StackPath plans to launch several web services over the coming months including Monitoring, Logfiles, Storage, Compute, Video Streaming, and many other critical business services. All the products will be based on the same secure, fast, and scalable platform.

The initial StackPath offer is Secure Content Delivery (SCD) with DDoS and Web Application Firewall (WAF) built in to every plan, along with a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Many more services are being planned for release in the future. Setup is frictionless and designed to get and keep businesses up and running in minutes.

Will you cut functionalities or raise my price?

There will be no pricing change at this point. We are going to add more features like DDoS, WAF, VPN, and more locations! Check out StackPath pricing for more information.

Should I expect any changes in the type of customer support I receive?

No. You will receive the same great support. Billing and accounts, technical support, and sales are still available 24/7.

Will you still support open source projects?

Yes! StackPath shares our passion when it comes to open source. We will keep supporting the open source community as we have always done.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

You may continue to call the number you have used in the past or contact our support and sales team through live chat or email.



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