Using Docker + Jenkins for Continuous Integration: Assorted Links

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So much to do! So little time! There are so many pieces I need to add to my new little automated test framework, Test_TheInternet_2.0 found at

I want to demonstrate how to add good logging with Log4J, so you can see what your test is actually doing. How to scale up the number of Selenium Grid browser nodes using Docker Compose. How to link RemoteWebDriver and DesiredCapabilities. How to make the framework multi-threading so multiple tests can run at once.

But what I really want to do is experiment with setting up my own Jenkins environment on my home system. DevOps sets that environment up. I want to start blogging about that, but I already have too many irons in the fire.

I found out the other day that on Docker Hub, Jenkins has its own Docker image ! That is definitely something I really want to tinker with. Downloading one image is so much easier than trying to download and configure something from scratch!

  • Not familiar with Docker? Read more aboutDocker on this blog!
  • Not familiar with Jenkins? Read more aboutJenkins on this blog!

Instead, here are some links that I was planning on checking out that I wanted to share with you. I probably won't be able to get to this for another few months or so, at the rate I am going:

The plan is to finish off the automated test framework we started: Test_TheInternet_2.0 . You can see the source code at

  • RemoteWebDriver:  Taking our  DesiredCapabilities  we touched upon, and expand it. 
  • Docker Compose : Bundle together scaling up or down Selenium Grid browser nodes, downloading Selenium Grid, starting up a Hub, and starting up various nodes.
  • MicrosoftWebDriver : (  Link  ): How to incorporate Microsoft Edge into your tests.
  • Microsoft Virtual Images  add IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11 on Windows 7 or IE 11 and Microsoft Edge to Windows 10 nodes to your Selenium Hub! Just use VirtualBox, Vagrant, HyperV (Windows), VMWare, or Parallels (Mac). Take a snapshot of the images because the originals are only good for 90 days. (What, no Docker solution? Gee, Microsoft, do you always have to be different?)
  • Selenium Grid Extras

... I also want to check out what Sauce Labs has for its own sample test framework in Java-Junit-Selenium:

As always, Happy Testing!

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