Build postgis gppkg in GPDB43 docker

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0. quick fix commit is ready

Latest commit:

Quick fix to build on fresh pivotaldata/centos511-java7-gpdb-dev-image

1. remove json related parts in configure to avoid version conflict
2. remove *.la in lib geos to correct path error
3. replace prefix in xml2-config to actual path

1. create a fresh docker from pivotaldata/centos511-java7-gpdb-dev-image

sudo docker create -t --name gppkg pivotaldata/centos511-java7-gpdb-dev-image /bin/bash
sudo docker start gppkg
sudo docker exec -u gpadmin -it gppkg /bin/bash

Here, I config the docker with account ‘gpadmin’, create a directory ‘~/workspace’ to keep the gpdb4, add ‘gpadmin’ into sudoers, upload ssh pubkey to github.

2. download source-code of gpdb4 from github

git clone
git submodule update --init --recursive gpAux/extensions/pgbouncer/source

3. download 3rd party libs from IVY

source /opt/
sudo chgrp -R gpadmin /opt && sudo chmod g+w -R /opt
make sync_tools -C gpAux

4. switch to branch ‘postgis_gppkg’

git remote add kuien
git remote update kuien
git checkout -b postgis_gppkg -t kuien/postgis_gppkg

5. compile gpdb4 and gppkg

make GPHOME=`pwd` BLD_TARGETS="gppkg" dist -j40

I met two trivial issues about dependent tools, solved as following:

ln -s /opt/releng/tools/third-party/ext/2.2/rhel5_x86_64/python-2.6.2 /opt/python-2.6.2
cp /opt/releng/apache-ant/lib/ivy-2.2.0.jar ~/.ant/lib/ivy.jar #network is soooo slow to download the official version for comparison.

You can also build it in:

cd ~/workspace/gpdb4/gpAux/extensions/postgis-2.0.3/package

6. Check the results

ls -lh /home/gpadmin/workspace/gpdb4/gpAux/extensions/postgis-2.0.3/package/*.gppkg
-rw-rw-r-- 1 gpadmin gpadmin 9.2M Jul 25 07:04 /home/gpadmin/workspace/gpdb4/gpAux/extensions/postgis-2.0.3/package/postgis-ossv2.0.3_pv2.0.1_gpdb4.3orca-rhel5-x86_64.gppkg

7. Run regression of posts after installation

gppkg -i postgis-ossv2.0.3_pv2.0.1_gpdb4.3orca-rhel5-x86_64.gppkg
cd postgis-test/   # a tiny package I pick from postgis source.
make prepare postgis


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