Why Partners like Essbase

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Essbase (" E xtended S pread S heet data BASE ") helps you extend and differentiate your analytics solutions: especially for existing Oracle BI partners and using the new Oracle Analytics Cloud with Essbase .

Most analytics tools are essentially “Read-Only” – that is why Excel is so popular, because it lets you input data, work on it with formulae, and then analyse it. But, spreadsheets are essentially 2-dimensional (row-column) and single user. People often try to collaborate with spreadsheets via email, but most would acknowledge this is a messy and error prone approach.

So imagine you could have a multi-user spreadsheet, which is also multi-dimensional (e.g. time, sales-channel, product, customer-segment, accounting-code… etc), and can hold huge amounts of data – which was also easy to use and access with analytics tools such as Oracle BI , Data Visualisation , Excel and Smart-View .

That isEssbase: it un-leashes business people from the limitations of spreadsheets and enriches any analytics application with Workflow to collaborate with 100s or 1000s of people entering new analytic data, forecasting, modeling multiple assumptions and What-if-Analyses to better understand the effect of decisions on the business. For example, that is why Essbase is the foundation for our pre-built Planning and Budgeting application .

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