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Hello there, everyone! My name is Gergely Imreh, and I've just joined in a community-manager-slash-developer-evangelist role. I thought an introduction is in order, as hopefully we'll be doing a lot of things in the future!

As a bit of a background, I'm physicist and maker. I've lived in Hungary, England, and Taiwan for a long time, co-founded the Taipei Hackerspace , and worked at VIA building user communities, as well as hacking on hardware/software projects in the meantime. I try to contribute to opens source as much as possible (writing bug reports / pull requests / documentation is fun:), and always have at least half-a-dozen projects on the way... is bursting with interesting technology, there are always more projects, development, hacks, and magic to talk about han there are hours in a day. In my role I hope to be a sort of connection between you, our users, and the internal team: I will be bringing the inside perspective to you, to the meetup groups, to the projects you build, the products you deploy with, and help you whenever needed. I'll also bring the outside perspective to our team: building projects with and catch things that could be improved.

If you made a project with that you want to show the world, if you are putting together a meetup where you'd like to show to others or would like us to go visit, or anything else where you think we can help you, don't hesitate to drop us a line on the Gitter channel . You can find our whole team there!

I'm really looking forward talking and working with you! You can always find me on Gitter, or many other platforms . Happy making!

P.S: For some inspiration for building on, here are two small projects: SomaStream Internet radio streaming with Raspberry Pi, and MrEdison IRC channel monitoring with Intel Edison.


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