5+ Premium and Free AngularJS and CSS3 Animations

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Here are some popular AngularJS and CSS3 Animations.

1. Angular Animation CSS3 Classes

Angular Animation CSS3 Classes

140 awesome CSS3 animation classes. You can build your own by using custom builder tool.

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2. Flipping Tiles with CSS3 Animations and AngularJS

Flipping Tiles with CSS3 Animations and AngularJS

This intermediate AngularJS mini tutorial is part 2 of a 5 part series with each teaching you how to build something you can use on your web page. This tutorial will teach you how to make animated flip tiles using AngularJS and CSS3.

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3. Angular Clocks

Angular Clocks

This is the clock we’ll create using HTML, CSS, an SVG background and a little JavaScript. We’ll use CSS animations or transitions for any movement, and rely on JavaScript to set the initial time and adding basic CSS transforms.

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4. Animations Angular CSS Tricks

Animations Angular CSS Tricks

The Angular core team gave us the ngAnimate module so that we could give our apps a way to animate from a data driven ‘Angular way’, and so that we could hook into the events that Angular emits through some of its built-in directives.

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5. YearofMoo Angular Animations Demos

YearofMoo Angular Animations Demos

AngularJS Animations hit the web last month in version 1.1.4 of AngularJS. While being a advanced feature, animations in AngularJS were a bit too basic for what they were. Now, with version 1.1.5, animations are even easier to use and 1.1.5 comes packaged with more great features for you to play with.


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