Red Hat Announces Ceph Storage 2

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Today Red Hat, Inc. announced the next generation of its open software-defined storage platform, Red Hat Ceph Storage 2. The latest version of Red Hat Ceph Storage is based off of the Ceph Jewel release and introduces new capabilities that enhance support for object storage workloads and promote greater ease of use.

Ceph is a software-defined storage system that runs on commodity hardware. Ceph is massively scalable by design. The design makes it enable and support enterprises' digital transformation efforts through web scale object and cloud infrastructures. The latest version of Red Hat Ceph Storage brings new and enhanced capabilities for enterprise object storage customers who are demanding scale, increased security, and strong compatibility with industry-standard APIs.

One of the new enhancements is the Red Hat Storage Console 2. As it sounds Red Hat Storage Console 2 is a storage management and monitoring system (delivering what Red Hat is calling a single, clean, and modern graphical interface to proactively monitor and manage health, performance, and capacity utilization). The new console will make deployment and operational management of Ceph more approachable for a wider range of users.

New object storage features in Red Hat Ceph Storage 2 include:

  • New multi-site capabilities enable a global cluster to be deployed with a common namespace accessible to all users
  • Improved security via integration with authentication systems, including Active Directory, LDAP, and OpenStack Identity (Keystone) v3
  • Enhanced Amazon S3 and OpenStack Object Storage (Swift) compatibility, including support for AWS v4 Client Signatures, object versioning, bulk deletes, and more


Red Hat Ceph Storage 2 is expected to be available this summer.

Red Hat Ceph Storage

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