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Most authors know they should blog and use Twitter, but how do you get the most out of these tools? As part of the Story Cartel Course, we developed a guide for authors to get the most out of the online tools available today. It 8767 s called  5 Tools to Share Your Story Further.  You can get your free copy if you sign up for updates from The Story Cartel Course.

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Great course. No, really I mean it. Joe, is very active in the forums, reading and giving suggestions. I was in the first class. Now off I go to write and publish a book.

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Of course, there are other print-on-demand book publishers whopurport to offer distribution, but they frequently fail to point out that their distribution is not only very limited, but they also charge an 'administration fee', which inevitably means the self-published author’s revenues are depleted. WRITERSWORLD alleviates all this complicated and inefficientmess.

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Amazon Kindle now represents over 65% of the worldwide e-book market, and Waterstones, the United Kingdom's largest book retailer, is selling the Kindle through its book shops and website. Our perspective as to where the e-book market is heading is that Amazon's Kindle is achieving market dominance. WRITERSWORLD now offers, therefore, a worldwide Amazon Kindle set up service and e-book distribution for all its authors. This service provides the opportunity for clients to earn extra income, and at the same time gain marketing opportunities. As for the ISBN you will need for your Amazon Kindle e-book, you will be able to use one of the spare numbers we purchased on your behalf when you publish your conventional book with WRITERSWORLD.

Having taken account of the foregoing, let’s explain the Royalty formula. The retail price of your book, less the book retailer’s sales commission of 75%,less our book wholesaler’s commission of 65% of the retail price, less printing costs = YOUR ROYALTY.In other words, the book retailer who sold the book on your behalf, and our book wholesaler who made the book available to them, deduct their combined commission of 95% from the retail price of your book: that is the formula.

We started the process a whole year before publication, which, for a first book, was very much the right thing to do. Having met Graham Cook, we had nohesitation in signing up with WRITERSWORLD . Nothing seemed to be a problem and it was the ultimate in professionalism from day one. Graham proved to us that the term ‘self-publishing’ is a misnomer, because you do in fact need a publisher. It is just that you take the risk, but reap the rewards and, most importantly of all, have total control of your book.

The author raises an invoice on WRITERSWORLD for the sum total of the quarterly royalties owed to the author, and each quarter WRITERSWORLD pays to the author 655% of the money paid to them by the wholesaler, via a bank to bank payment direct to the author.

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Ifyou file your tax returns with the United States Inland Revenue you may be entitled to a tax deduction for the cost of setting up your book with us, . our publishingfees. After you have entered into a contract with us and paid the publishing fee, if you reside outside of the United Kingdom you may also be entitled to a tax deduction for the direct and legitimate expenses to come to the UK to discuss with us the book production process. On both points, why not discuss this possibility with your State and Federal taxpreparer to see if Uncle Sam can indirectly and legitimately assist you financially to publish your book.

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