Node.js + Express.js Video Walkthrough Part 1

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After my recent series on Node.js culminating in an introduction to Express.js, I wanted to give a tour of what an Express.js project looks like, but I also thought that doing so in written form would result in a lot of copy-pasted code that would obscure the bigger picture of the project strucure. So instead, I thought that maybe a video would be a good way to show things in action! This is the first half of a two-part walkthrough of the structure of a Node.js web application created with the Express.js generator. In the first part, I will show how to install the generator and use it to create an empty web project, then I will take you on a tour of the initial code and explain the role of each part. In part 2, I will build upon this by adding new routes, views, and a RESTful API.

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