Microsoft Hyper-V Real-Time Performance Monitoring and Management

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By now, many people have heard about (and sing the praises of) ControlUp and our unique way of bringing IT insights to sysadmins around the world. In version 4.0, we introduced Hypervisor integration to extend our real-time performance monitoring to the virtualization world, starting with VMware ESXi and XenServer. Now, in version 6, we are proud to announce support for Hyper-V hosts as well.

Including support for Hyper-V is a natural progression. Hyper-V’s market share is rising; sysadmins find licensing advantages for running Windows VMs on Hyper-V rather than competing platforms. They also find Microsoft’s natural integration of Windows on Windows attractive and can make end-to-end management easier. This also gives ControlUp an opportunity to show how well we can give full-stack visibility into the environment. MSPs and CSPs are also finding their own unique challenges in their space as VDI and DaaS providers. As they leverage Hyper-V more, there is certainly a case to be made for extending ControlUp to meet this expanding need not just for remote monitoring, but also management, both real needs.

Making it work

With vCenter and XenServer, ControlUp talks directly to the VMware SDK or Xen pool master via an API. Hyper-V, however, requires that we first install the ControlUp agent (which has minimal impact on the host itself) in order to get the hypervisor stats from it. That’s all. SCVMM is not required for integration, (which is a big plus for organizations who do not have SCVMM and are looking for alternatives to monitor and manage Hyper-V) and the Hyper-V hosts can be either stand-alone or in a failover cluster.

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