[Course] js: Create 3D Graphics in JavaScript Using WebGL

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Setting Up WebGL

4:20 js

In this lesson we cover setting up WebGL for use, including creating a canvas, getting the WebGL rendering context and clearing the canvas to a particular color.

Introduction to WebGL Shaders

6:20 js

In this lesson we learn about the two types of shaders required in WebGL - vertex shaders and fragment shaders. We create one of each and see how those shader programs affect what is drawn on the screen.

Passing Data to WebGL Shaders

5:22 js

In this lesson we cover how to pass data into a WebGL shader from the main JavaScript program.

WebGL Vertex Buffers

5:56 js

In this lesson we cover how to pass an entire array of 3d points to a vertex shader, allowing you to render multiple points at once.

Drawing Arrays in WebGL

3:52 js

In this lesson, we look at the different drawing modes you can use in gl.drawArrays and how to selectively draw subsets of a full vertex array.

Loading in WebGL Shaders

2:28 js

In this lesson we look at a better way of writing WebGL shaders - loading them in from script tags rather than concatenating JavaScript strings.

Animating WebGL Vertices

6:03 js

In this lesson, we take a look at a simple way of animating vertices in WebGL by simply changing the values of vertices.

User Interaction in WebGL

3:10 js

In this lesson we accomplish some simple user interaction with animated 3D vertices.

3D Transformation Matrices in WebGL

6:36 js

In this lesson, we look at how to create and apply 3D transformation matrices to rotate and perform other transformations on 3D shapes created in WebgL.


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