How Analytics Are Transforming NV

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Big data and analytics are transforming Network Virtualization (NV) by taking advantage of new sources of data and providing analytics tools that can link to automation in software-defined networks (SDNs).

One of the things that IT organizations often fail to appreciate about network virtualization (NV) is the amount of visibility that can be gained into the overall IT environment. Network overlays typically provide analytics applications with a set of northbound application programming interfaces (APIs) to provide more data than was previously available operating only at the hardware level.

This means analytics are transforming NV . Gaining access to that data is more critical than ever because of  the convergence of application performance management (APM) and network performance management (NPM). IT organizations need to be able to correlate data all the way down to specific transactions to provide a comprehensive picture of what any end user is experiencing at any given time.

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