Phaser multiplayer map realtime

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Hi everyone,

I am creating project, where player have his backyard map and some other maps where he can work ( farmer, fisher etc). Now data from database are loading to phaser using php and ajax. Maps are created in tiled editor and loaded to phaser by standard function, preload, create, update

Now i want to create map where players will be able to cooperate in real time. So, players will be have maps where will be only one, and them go to the map where will be cooperate with other players (something like market plaece :))

It will be websocet needed? Maybe i must to recreate everything to websocket because on php can be lagg? Maybe data to maps singleplayer can be loaded by php and ajax but to multiplayer must socket?

Please tell me Your opinion

Here i found tutoriale, where in phaser is created multiplayer maps, what do you think about it?

I will be gratefull for every feedback


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