On-Demand Webinar: A Deep Dive Into Comprehensive Citrix & VDI Monitoring with eG Enterprise

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eG Innovations had an excellent Webinar recently with XenAppBlog.com.  But if you missed it, don't worry!  You can access it now on-demand .

The Webinar provides a deep dive into comprehensive Citrix & VDI monitoring with eG Enterprise (a truly end-to-end performance monitoring and diagnosis solution). Performance management of Citrix technologies has always been a challenge. Determining if user complaints of Citrix logon slowness, session disconnects, screen freezes, etc. are caused by the Citrix stack or by one of the supporting tiers has often been a time consuming and knowledge intensive process. Virtualization of Citrix applications has only added to the challenge. That's where eG Innovation comes in.

In this on-demand Webinar , Bala Vaidhinathan, CTO of eG Innovations and Trond Eirik Haavarstein (aka Eric) of xenappblog.com discussed how eG Enterprise provides: 

  • Proactive monitoring of the Citrix user experience, to discover problems before users complain;
  • Embedded best practices for end-to-end visibility in the Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop 7.x stack;
  • End-to-end performance visibility combined with automated root-cause diagnosis that helps answer even the toughest of Citrix performance questions;
  • Performance optimization and right-sizing so you can get the most of your Citrix investments;
  • Integration with built-in Citrix monitoring solutions - Citrix Director, Citrix NetScaler Insight and Citrix SCOM management packs

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