R2 2016 Service Pack for UI for WPF and Silverlight is Out

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Added features and bug fixes account for the bulk of the 130 improvements we made to Telerik UI for WPF and Silverlight in the latest service pack. Read on to find out more.

Just a month after the official R2 2016 release of TelerikUI for WPF andSilverlight, we have a new service pack ready for you. 

SP1 includes over 130 improvements to the suite, as well as several new features to RadLayoutControl for WPF.

Layout Control

The LayoutControl now supports the arrangement of layout items and configuration of the control straight at design time. This gives you an easy way to arrange your controls in a very flexible layout, thus saving you time as the control takes care of the overall layout.

Additionally, users are able to rearrange the control layout at runtime and we have added a functionality to store the control layout to a file, so different users can store and load their own settings when needed. This is achieved by using the SaveToXmlString(); and LoadXmlToString(); methods.

You can try this feature in ouronline demo.

This service pack also comes with a lot of bug fixes and enhancements that you can review in the release history forWPF andSilverlighton our site. Some include:

  • New: DataFormValidationSummary control now can be used outside the context of RadDataForm
  • Fixed: When printing a document with RadPdfViewer , only the content of the currently loaded page is printed while the other pages are empty
  • Fixed: Automatic spell checking for DataGrid & RadGridView does not work properly
  • Fixed: Mail merge doesn't respect new lines from mail merge source in RadWordsProccesing
  • Fixed: Memory leak in TableStylesGallery class in RadRichTextBox results in keeping a reference to a previous RadDocument instance
  • Fixed: Memory leak in RadSpreadSheet when showing PrintPreview many times
  • Fixed: BringIndexIntoView in RadTreeView causes the viewport to lock while scrolling
  • Fixed: When the RadTreeView is disabled, ExpandItemByPath() and GetItemByPath() do not work
  • Fixed: The category of an RadScheduleView 's appointment is not updated when CategoriesSource is changed at runtime
  • Fixed: Maximized RadWindow on a secondary screen is cropped whenever the taskbar is on the right or left side of the primary monitor
  • Fixed: RadTimeline item cannot be selected when using custom DataTemplates for the timeline items
  • What’s Next? 

    While you digest everything new in the service pack, we’ll keep on working on the R3 2016 release. You can get a sneak peak of what this will include on ourproduct roadmap. 

    These are just a few of the updates and enhancements that you’ll find in the latest service pack for the UI for WPF and Silverlight R2 2016 release. Many of these came directly from you, our customers. Pleasesubmityour requests and with your help, we’ll continue making our component suites even more awesome. 


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