Removing Disqus with F#

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In my previous post, I wrote aboutremoving Disqus from this blog. One tricky part was dealing with the comment export data. While you certainly can get your comments out of Disqus, they don't come in a great format. You get a lovely chunk of xml where the posts (called threads) are disconnected from the comments (which are called posts).

I needed something that would let me parse the data without too much effort. This code only needed to be run (successfully) one time. I considered using the C# xml classes or doing something dynamic, but I wasn't thrilled at the prospect.

It turns out, FSharp.Data has an xml type provider. It also turns out that F# type providers are amazing.

Check out this of code :

type Xml = XmlProvider<"kijanawoodard-2015-03-19T23_28_52.887832-all.xml">
let data = Xml.GetSample()

Just like that, with no class definitons and no tedious xml and string parsing, I have a fully typed model that can be used to access the data. For example:


After getting things arranged into yaml format, I wrote out the comment files and was done. I did all the processing and exlporation in F# Interactive , so I never compiled the assembly or started the debugger.

F# could grow on me.


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