Urn: A Lisp implementation for Lua

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Urn is a new language developed by SquidDev, and demhydraz. Urn is a Lisp dialect with a focus on minimalism which compiles to Lua.


  • A minimal Lisp implementation, with full support for compile time code execution and macros.
  • Support for Lua 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3. Should also work with LuaJIT.
  • Lisp-1 scoping rules (functions and data share the same namespace).
  • Influenced by a whole range of Lisp implementations, including Common Lisp and Clojure.
  • Produces standalone, optimised Lua files: no dependencies on a standard library.


Pattern matching

Various looping constructs

Powerful assertion and testing framework

First-class support for Lua tables

Friendly error messages

Getting started

We have a getting started guide to help you get set up. Or you can clone the repo and jump right in!

The website also contains documentation for all functions and macros , should you need to check how something works.


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