Microsoft: Copy Files Over SSH during Continuous Integration and Deployment

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In July we released a SSH task to run commands or scripts on a remote machine to make it easier to configure Linux servers as part of your automated build or release definitions. Now we are including another task that will make it easier to deploy to Linux servers.

The Copy Files Over SSH task allows securely copying files to a remote server. The task supports the SFTP protocol and SCP protocol (via SFTP). This task is available as a built-in task on all accounts in Visual Studio Team Services. It will also ship with the next version of Team Foundation Server (TFS) for customers with on-premises installations.

This task can be used to copy results of a continuous integration Java build to an integration environment for testing.  It could also be used to deploy build artifacts, such as a .WAR file, to a pre-production environment.  In many situations, copying files over SSH is a better option than FTP/S because all communication and user credentials are encrypted without requiring acquisition and configuration of an SSL certificate.  SSH support is ubiquitous on Linux and Mac OS and coming soon to Windows.

Checkout the documentation and the demo video!

Read the entire article here, Copy Files Over SSH during Continuous Integration and Deployment

via the fine folks at Microsoft.


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