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Hello everyone! July is behind us and that means it’s time for another edition of our Hyper-V Hot Topics Series!

Again, as a reminder, this series focuses on interesting links and news regarding Hyper-V from throughout the previous month, that I’ve found to be helpful and useful. In addition to this, I also like to post my Hyper-V Monday Minute recording from throughout the last month as well. For those that aren’t aware, I put on, what I call the Hyper-V Monday Minute every Monday at 2:00 PM Eastern time where I talk about some topic from the Hyper-V world. I’ve used a number of different formats for this, but have now finalized it on Facebook Live. if your interested in subscribing to that segment, you can do so by liking the Altaro Software facebook page HERE . The idea here is to serve as your one-stop-shop information source for everything to do with Hyper-V throughout the month, because I know it’s difficult to keep up with all the new developments when you’re working on IT from the trenches. With that said, let’s get started with this month’s entries!

1.� Windows Server 2016 New Current Branch for Business Servicing Option

Author: Windows Server Team

While the title doesn’t scream it, this article basically served as a the official launch announcement for Windows Server 2016. To start off the article states that Windows Server 2016 will officially launch at the Microsoft Ignite Conference in Sept, so that is welcome news indeed! Additionally throughout the article you can read about the various editions that will be included in the release and some pricing information. If you’re in a position where you’re looking to purchase Windows Server 2016 to be ready for the initial release, this is a good link to check out!

2.� Optimize Hyper-V VM placement to Match CSV Ownership

Author: Aidan Finn

This first link is brought to us from fellow Cloud and Datacenter MVP Aidan Finn. I found this post particularly useful because when I talk to customers and IT Pros about getting every ounce of performance out of their Hyper-V Clusters, this topic always comes up. You’ll always get the best performance if a Hyper-V host owns the CSV that a VM is running on as well as actually hosting the VM itself. In this post Aidan discusses the topic and then posts a script that will help you with this optimization. It’s a good one to put in the bookmarks for later in case you need it!

3. RunAsRadio Padcast: Hyper-V in Server 2016 with Aidan Finn.

Author: RunAsRadio

This next link also features Aidan Finn, but via the RunAsRadio podcast. Aidan and RunAsRadio host Richard Campbell spend this episode talking about all things Hyper-V in the upcoming Windows Server 2016 Release.  The topic list includes things like rolling cluster upgrades, nano server and some of the new security features baked into Hyper-V 2016. it’s certainly worth a listen on one of your lunch breaks.

4. Howto: Download an Azure VM to Hyper-V.

Author: Aidan Finn

With some of the new emerging technologies that Microsoft has come out with over the past several years, the idea of VM mobility is no longer simply a, host to host, or site to site concept. Now we have the ability to do cloud to site VM migration as well. While currently its something of a manual process, it’s still a valuable ability to have. If you’re running VMs in Azure you have the ability to move them to a Hyper-V server running on-premises or in a remote data center somewhere. Another article by Aidan Finn, he covers this process in detail.

5. Which Linux Integration Services should I use in My Linux VMs?

Author: Michael Kelley

It’s pretty clear that Linux is becoming more and more of a common workload in today’s IT world, and with good reason. It can host many critical services reliably, and cheaply! Microsoft has certainly seen this trend and has added a great amount of support in Hyper-V for hosting Linux based workloads. So if you find yourself in a situation where you’re hosting a Linux based workload, one area where you may or may not have run into issues is in finding the correct version of the Linux integration Service to run. In this article Michael Kelley from Microsoft talks about your options for getting Integration Services running in Linux. If you find yourself hosting Linux workloads. This is a good article to look at.

6. Windows Server 2016 – Stretch Cluster in 30 Seconds with Storage Replica�

Author: Ned Pyle

Windows Server 2016 introduced some nice new storage features that are quite awesome. One of those is Storage Replica over Stretch Clusters. While it may sound like an overly complex topic, it’s actually quite simple to setup. I’ve embedded a video below by Ned Pyle from Microsoft where he configures a Storage Replica Stretch cluster in 30 seconds, which is pretty impressive!

Hyper-V Monday Minutes from July

July 4th – How do I Get Started with Hyper-V Certification?

July 11th – Introduction to the new .VMCX File Format in Windows Server 2016

July 25th – What New Hyper-V 2016 Features Should you be Focusing your Time on?


That wraps up our links for the month! Hopefully this will give you enough content to stay informed for a bit, and we’ll be doing another segment next month around the same time! Like always if there is a hot topic or link that you feel should be included, feel free to place it in the comments section below!

Thanks for reading!


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