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Recently I came across an issue where I was not able to fix directly. My client reported below error in Skype, which is related to a service pack. 

Overall summary:

Final result: The patch installer has failed to update the shared features. To determine the reason for failure, review the log files.

Exit code (Decimal): -2068774911

Exit facility code: 1201

Exit error code: 1

Exit message: Index (zero based) must be greater than or equal to zero and less than the size of the argument list.

I asked them to check below article


But they were using SQL Server 2016 and having issues with latest patch. As per above “ There are many possible scenarios that may initiate this issue . For example, a failure of a previous installation of SQL server may corrupt the registry, and this registry corruption may initiate this issue.”

I asked for Detail.txt and contains following details:


at Microsoft.SqlServer.Configuration.MsiExtension.SetPatchInstallStateAction.GetInstalledPatch

at Microsoft.SqlServer.Configuration.MsiExtension.SetPatchInstallStateAction.ExecuteAction

at Microsoft.SqlServer.Configuration.MsiExtension.ProductInstallProperty.GetInstalledPackages

at Microsoft.SqlServer.Configuration.MsiExtension.ProductInstallProperty.CollectProductData


From above stack it looks like an issue with MSI/MSP missing issue. My client informed that they have already tried repair and it didn’t help. When I looked around on the internet, it sounded like they have some registry keys missing. I have suggested them to format the machine (after taking data backup) and install a fresh operating system. Later they did the same and restored the databases to the new instance.

Let me know if you have faced this error related to a service pack.

Reference: Pinal Dave ( http://blog.SQLAuthority.com )


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