Xenko Game Engine Sees Huge Performance Boost With Vulkan

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Xenko Game Engine Sees Huge Performance Boost With Vulkan

Written by Michael Larabel inLinux Gaming on 18 August 2016 at 11:24 AM EDT.Add A Comment

Via multi-threading improvements to the game engine, Xenko is seeing a huge performance win with the Vulkan API.

Xenko 1.7β added Vulkan support and with multi-threading work that's ongoing, they've scored a big performance win. Their Vulkan performance with the Xenko Game Engine is around 6x faster with multi-threading compared to 3x with Direct3D and OpenGL.

The Xenko engine improvements will be part of the Xenko 1.8 release. Below is a video of Xenko with their OpenGL and Vulkan renderers.

For those unfamiliar with this game engine, only with the recent Xenko 1.7β release where they added Vulkan support did they also finally add native Linux support. Under Linux, Xenko works with Vulkan 1.0 or its OpenGL 4.2 renderer. Xenko is available under a dual-license system and they do have the engine code on GitHub under the GPLv3. But before getting too excited, the engine build system doesn't appear to cater towards Windows and the engine is written in C#/.NET. Those still interested can learn more at Xenko.com .

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