Increasing Microsoft Edge performance using TCP Fast Open on Citrix NetScaler

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TCP Fast Open (TFO) is a TCP mechanism that enables speedy data exchange between a client and a server during TCP’s initial handshake. By using the TFO mechanism, you can reduce an application’s network latency by the time required for one full round trip, which significantly reduces the delay experienced in short TCP transfers.

So how does it work? This picture describes it alot better!


It is important however that we need to have a supported client and a supported server to make this feature work. This feature was introduced in NetScaler 11.1 as it just needs some configuration to be able to work properly.

This can be done by adjusting a TCP Profile with the TCP Fast Open value

We can also define how long the TCP cookie should be used, by default this is set to zero (Which is defined in the TCP parameters on the NetScaler

Read the entire article here, Increasing Microsoft Edge performance using TCP Fast Open on NetScaler

via Marius Sandbu.

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