Turbonomic Customer Success Story with Southern Waste Systems

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In this brief video Nick Casagrande from Southern Waste Systems shares how Turbonomic has been able to prove its ROI in less than 30 days, by eliminating the need for a hardware refresh. Southern Waste Systems has also been able to stop fire-fighting and provide users fast, reliable VDI.

To learn more about Turbonomic visit: http://turbonomic.com/


There’s no one else that does what VMTurbo (Turbonomic) does. It’s simple to install. It’s fully automated, and it’s ready to go out of the box to give recommendations in less than five minutes. No longer do we think we know what we’re doing; we actually know what we’re doing. We’re able to push older hardware much further in its life cycle and not have to lay out that capital expense anymore, you know, all from a single application.

We are the largest recycler of construction debris in the southeastern United States. Our goal of recycling is zero waste. We really own that entire collection of recycling process, from the pickup to the disposal to the recycling to the reselling of the commodities in the marketplace.

Here at Southern Waste Systems, I’m really responsible for the health of the entire IT infrastructure and driving things forward, introducing new products into the company.

So we have mobile applications that talk about to IIS and SQL servers. We have Android tablets in our trucks that tell drivers where to go that talk to back end servers here, and IT is really the backbone of the company. We’re just about a 24/7 shop, so with those operations going on and people waiting and commodity prices changing, we need to be able to react very fast. We can’t have people waiting around waiting for a page to load, waiting for a computer to run. Some of those applications that we were running on the mobile platforms were not running at their expected performance, which was causing delays at our processing facilities and our operations internally.

So VMTurbo (Turbonomic) has helped us take our internal resources and maximize them to provide the quickest return of information to our end users. VMTurbo (Turbonomic) is able to take a holistic view of our environment with literally zero configuration aside from pointing it to V center and letting it collect all its metrics amongst all of its thousands of data points.

We’re able to manage everything from a single pane of glass from our VDI sessions to the hypervisor layer. The fact that it’s VM agnostic, hypervisor agnostic, we’re able to look at the entire environment and say here’s a complete picture.

The great thing about the automation mode is as we add VMs to our environment, we don’t have to worry about where to place them. We spin up another fifty VDI sessions. We don’t worry oh, is that host going to be able to handle it? We just let VM Turbo do it, and it just does its magic.

VMTurbo (Turbonomic) is not another monitor. We didn’t want something else that was going to spit out a report and email it to us in the middle of the night and say “Here are the recommendations you need to make.” We’re no longer guessing what we think we needed. We actually had metrics to prove it, and as far as staffing is concerned, we are able to take those same staff resources and dedicate them to other projects, because they weren’t firefighting. They weren’t trying to figure out why is exchange slow, why is this guy slow, why is that guy slow?

I would say payback on the solution, when you look at employee downtime and employees waiting, I mean, you’re talking an ROI of definitely less than thirty days. Definitely.

To learn more about Turbonomic visit: http://turbonomic.com/

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