cocos2dx-3.0rc2 build on Eclipse

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1. Import project 'libcocos2dx' and the new project into eclipse, and add 'libcocos2dx' as library of new project

2. Convert the new project to C++ project by 'Convert to a C/C++ Project', but I found CDT Builder is not added into Builders, so I edit .project file manually to add CDT Builder. Under buildSpec, add


3. uncheck 'use default build command' and change the build command in 'C/C++ Build->Builder Settings' to

C:/your-python-installation-dir/python ${ProjDirPath}/

4. uncheck Syntax and Semantic Errors in C/C++ General->Code Analysis(use project settings)

5. remove 'Classes', 'cocos2dx', 'extensions' and 'scripting' link folder

6. goto 'C/C++ general->Paths and Symbols->Source Location' and add link folder 'Classes' and 'cocos2dx' to the source location

7. goto 'C/C++ general->Paths and Symbols->includes' and add ${NDK_ROOT}/platforms/android-18/arch-arm/usr/include into include directories

8. click 'Build Project'


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