Top Most Overlooked MySQL Performance Optimizations: Part I

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Thank you for attending my 22nd July 2016 webinar titled “ Top Most Overlooked MySQL Performance Optimizations “. In this blog, I will provide answers to the Q&A for that webinar. Look out for Part II, coming soon.

For hardware, which disk raid level do you suggest? Is raid5 suggested performance-wise and data integrity-wise?

RAID 5 comes with high overhead, as each write turns into a sequence of four physical I/O operations, two reads and two writes. We know that RAID 5s have some write penalty, and it could affect the performance on spindle disks. In most cases, we advise using alternative RAID levels. Use RAID 5 when disk capacity is more important than performance (e.g., archive databases that aren’t used often). Since write performance isn’t a problem in the case of SSD, but capacity is expensive, RAID 5 can help by wasting less disk space.

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Top Most Overlooked MySQL Performance Optimizations: Part I


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