User Stats Page updated again, come check out the refresh stats and new distro graph

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After taking on some feedback along with refreshing the graph data today, theUser Stats Page now has two different distributions graphs.

The first graph combines all Arch-based and Ubuntu-based distributions, so it's the most accurate graph of the two.

The second is the breakdown between each specific distribution and the spin-offs.

Why do I not include Debian with Ubuntu to have "Debian-based"? Ubuntu is actually quite different package wise to Debian nowadays and Ubuntu has a bunch of spin-offs directly from it. I don't think it's factually fair to lump Debian and Ubuntu together under a debian-based banner.

So, it should satisfy the curiosity of people like me who want to know specifically which spin-off is the most popular, while having the overall and proper distribution graph present first to give the clear overall picture.

I've added some explicit wording to thePC Info section of yourUser Control Panel to help clear up what people should select too:

Quote Please make sure you select the exact distro you are using, we seperate things like Ubuntu & Xubuntu, Arch & Manjaro etc.

Check out theUser Stats Page.

Again, if you have suggestions, feel free and if possible (and if time permits) I can implement them. I won't add in all suggestions though of course, as we don't want to completely overload the page.


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