Functional Geekery Episode 57 – Mark Seemann

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In this episode I talk with Mark Seemann. We talk his introduction to functional programming and F#, common principles between functional programming and object oriented programming, Haskell, lessons learned, planting the seeds of functional programming, and much, much more.

Our Guest, Mark Seemann

@ploeh on Twitter

Mark blogs at


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About Mark

How Mark got into software development

Real-World Functional Programming: With Examples in F# and C#



“My C# programming has changed fundamentally from being exposed to F#”

“[F#] felt like coming home”

Eric Evans’ Domain Driven Design

Robert C. Martin’s Clean Code

Command Query Separation from Bertrand Meyer in Object Oriented Software Construction

Having side effects separated from the rest of your code

“Functional programming is imminently testable”

Jessica Kerr on isolation in Functional Programming on Episode 8

DHH’s article on Test-induced design damage

Michael Feathers’ Working Effectively with Legacy Code and seams in code

“Am I writing good F# code?”

Learning Haskell

The struggle of introducing good abstractions

Overview of Functor Type Class and difference between F# and Haskell

Edwin Brady on designing with types onEpisode 54


How F# influences Mark’s C#

Structural Equality

Interfaces with only one method as rough equivalent to a function

Porting F# to Haskell to determine if F# is “really good”

“How do I call my database inside my function?'”

Gerard Meszaros’ xUnit Test Patterns

Direct vs Indirect inputs and outputs

Mark’s post on the migration from F# to Haskell

On evangelizing F# and functional programming

Once people start being interested it becomes easy to introduce a small library in F#

Planting the seed of an idea of F# or functional programming

Curiosity of the lack of discriminated unions in C# or Java

Overview of Mark’s Pluralsight courses


Interest in Clojure to see difference in statically vs dynamically typed languages

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