GCC 6 Is Now The Default In Debian Unstable

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GCC 6 Is Now The Default In Debian Unstable

Written by Michael Larabel inDebian on 4 August 2016 at 08:15 AM EDT.Add A Comment

GCC 6.1.1 is now the default compiler for Debian unstable as the developers work to get this major GNU Compiler Collection update ready for the next Debian release.

There still are some Debian packages breaking under GCC6, but the switch has been made now to motivate developers to getting the remaining issues addressed in time for the next Debian release. With plenty of time left, Debian Stretch will be ready for GCC6 instead of last year's GCC 5.

Ubuntu developers have also been planning on landing GCC 6 for the Ubuntu 16.10 release in October.

See our many articles on GCC 6 for details regarding features, compiler benchmarks, and more.

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