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Go 1.7 Final Released  news 

The big change: A new SSA-based compiler (for 64 bit x86 only) that promises improved performance. There’s also a new port for Linux on IBM System z, plus the context package has been added.

Chris Broadfoot

A Walkthrough of Go's Encoding Package  tutorial 

The latest in a series of walkthroughs to help you understand the Go standard library better.

Ben Johnson

Looking At Your Program’s Structure in Go 1.7  tutorial 

Go 1.7 features a new SSA-based compiler backend that can output some interesting intermediate analysis of your code’s internal structure.

Paul Smith

Converting and importing shapefiles for Compose PostgreSQL and MongoDB

In this article, we discuss how to convert shapefiles into SQL and GeoJSON and import them into Compose PostgreSQL and MongoDB.

Compose   sponsored 

An Easy Way to Use a PostgreSQL Database (and Hstore) from Go  code 

Hstore is an extension that provides key-value storage capabilities directly in Postgres. This library provides an easy way to use a Postgres database (and the Hstore feature) from Go.

Alexander F Rødseth

GJSON: Get JSON Values Very Quickly  code 

Provides a notably fast and simple way to get a value from a JSON document in Go.

Josh Baker

Atlantis: Open Source PaaS Built on Docker  tools 

A PaaS for HTTP apps built on Docker and written in Go that makes it easy to build and deploy apps in a safe, repeatable fashion, and flexibly route requests to the appropriate containers.



Backend Engineer - Spruce Health

Join a fast-growing startup bringing modern messaging and telemedicine to healthcare. We're looking for a key member of the team to help scale our platform - written entirely in Go, built as microservices.

Spruce Health

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Hired .​ com

In Brief

Go 1.7 Release Notes  news 

golang .​ org

Labels in Go  tutorial 

Used with break , continue and goto .

Michał Łowicki

OOP and Go… Sorta  tutorial 

Amy Chen

Synchronizing State with Mutexes in Go  tutorial 

Kyle W .​ Banks

Accessing an Oracle DB in Go  tutorial 

Paul Fortin

Free eBook: Automate your Development Workflow with Docker  tutorial 

Learn how to use Docker to solve the problems of inconsistent environments on varying deployment targets and how to build an app to run inside an isolated Docker Container.

Codeship   sponsored 

Go Dependencies Considered Harmful  opinion 

Ian Chiles

Automate your Go app delivery with Shippable  tools 

With Shippable automate your Go app delivery pipelines, with flexibility to work with your existing setup. Plans from $0, no CC required.

Shippable   sponsored 

Thyme: Automatically Track Which Applications You Use and for How Long  code 

Written in Go, naturally.


benchttp: HTTP Server Benchmarking Tool  code 

Reimplements commonly used features from ApacheBench ( ab ).

Sina Siadat


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