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Javascript testing (Javascript unit test) is an essential part when your developer is using logic in his code. Like hundreds of other things in the world of JavaScript , there are many choices for how to unit test the code. To help you save time when setting up a web development project, We’ve highlighted some of our favorite test runners in this article.


  • Most used Javascript testing tool used for Python & ruby too.

  • Simple to setup

  • Supported by many CIs(Codeship, Travic, etc)

  • Descriptive syntax for BDD Testing


QUnit is a powerful JavaScript unit testing framework that helps you to debug code. It’s written by members of the jQuery team, and is the official test suite for jQuery.

Test any regular JavaScript code, and it’s even able to test server-side JavaScript via some JavaScript engine like Rhino or V8.


  • Javascript framework running on Node.js & in the browser.

  • Mocha tests run serially, allowing for flexible and accurate reporting, while mapping uncaught exceptions to the correct test cases.

  • Highly extensible

  • Easy to setup
  • Run unit tests with Mocha

Result of  unit tests with Mocha

Result of unit tests with Mocha


  • Tape is a simple TAP-producing test library for node and browsers.

  • The tape API is a small superset of the node core assert module.

Here are some key features of  Tape :

  • Cross browser compatibility

  • CI support


  • Karma is a tool that enables the running of source code (i.e. JavaScript) against real browsers via the CLI. The fact that it runs against real browsers rather than “fakes” with a virtual DOM is extremely powerful. DOM implementations vary across browsers therefore the idea is to use the actual browsers for correctness.

Wrapping Up

Overall, out of hundreds of testing tools in JavaScript, these are the most used Javascript testing frameworks. However, if you are mostly focused on Node.JS then Mocha can be Magical for you. Then, if you’re interested in end-to-end testing or integration testing, we recommend checking out CasperJS for browser scripting. You can also keep your eye on  Protractor if  AngularJS interests you.

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