Automating Oracle Java 8 JDK updates

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To go along with a previous post about automating Oracle Java 8 updates , I’ve now posted a script to download and install the latest Java 8 Java Development Kit (JDK) from Oracle. Oracle has been releasing two separate versions of Java 8 simultaneously , so this script is designed to allow the user to set which version they want to install: the CPU release or the PSU release.

The difference between CPU and PSU releases is as follows:

  • Critical Patch Update (CPU): contains both fixes to security vulnerabilities and critical bug fixes.
  • Patch Set Update (PSU): contains all the fixes in the corresponding CPU, plus additional fixes to non-critical problems.

For more details on the differences between CPU and PSU updates, please see the link below:

For more information, see below the jump.

The script below will download a disk image containing the latest version of the Java 8 JDK from Oracle and install the JDK using the installer package stored inside the downloaded disk image.

How the script works:

  1. Uses curl to download a disk image containing the latest Java 8 JDK installer from Oracle’s web site
  2. Renames the downloaded disk image to java_eight_jdk.dmg and stores it in /tmp
  3. Mounts the disk image silently in /tmp . The mounted disk image will not be visible to any logged-in user.
  4. Installs the latest Java 8 JDK using the installer package stored inside the disk image.
  5. After installation, unmounts the disk image and removes it from the Mac in question.

I’ve posted the script to my GitHub repo at the following address:

This script is also available as two separate payload-free installer packages, compressed and stored as .zip files inside the payload_free_installer directory:

  • payload_free_installer/install_latest_oracle_java_jdk_8_cpu_version – Installs the latest Oracle Java JDK 8 CPU version
  • payload_free_installer/install_latest_oracle_java_jdk_8_psu_version – Installs the latest Oracle Java JDK 8 PSU version


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